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Substitution Basics…explained


How do I make this recipe…gluten free, dairy free, egg free?

So much of substitution baking has to do with the final consistency of the product before you bake it. Therefore, you will see a lot of videos and pictures of mixing and pouring. It makes a difference how wet or dry gluten free batter is before you cook it. Many of the recipes can vary based on how hot or dry your kitchen is or even at what elevation you live. Please look at how the batter looks in my recipes and match yours if you can, adjust on the fly and be prepared to analyze your batter and trust your instincts.

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Note on my Methods:

I try to keep all my methods of cooking the same as gluten baking or cooking. It is not everyone’s choice to substitution bake this way. It just makes more sense to me.

I reduce my sugar in all my recipes. I use coconut sugar because it has a lower Glycemic Index and I use less sugar than most recipes call for. Please adjust to your own taste and family.

When starting out with substituting ingredients, it is key to know what job the ingredient you are substituting is doing, so you know what job its substitution ingredient needs to do. It’s like replacing a painter with a mechanic, the mechanic won’t be able to paint your vehicle, so it’s not a direct substitution.

In gluten-free baking, we substitute the flours for gluten or wheat free versions but then we need to add an ingredient to do the job that gluten did, a binder to keep the flour together. For egg-free substitutions we have to decide if the egg was a binder or a leavening agent or for flavour. These all make different substitution requirements. I’ll go into it more later.

I always make my ingredients swap out regular flour for my flour blend or dairy, milk for non-dairy milk, thereby making adaptations to your own favourite recipes easier if you get brave enough to try.

Too Long, Didn’t read…

  • The consistency of your batter is the most important!
  • You may need to adjust a recipe very slightly for your kitchen (temperature, humidity, altitude, appliance performance).
  • All methods and procedures will be very similar to regular cooking and baking, so no fancy techniques are required. 
  • My recipes are low sugar! Please sweeten to your taste.
  • My recipes are meant to substitute 1:1 to for wheat flour, milk, egg, fat, etc

“Substitution cooking and baking just takes a little rearrangement of how you think about your ingredients”