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Hemp Cream – nut free, vegan cream

Hemp Cream – nut free, vegan cream

Hemp Cream

Versatile, nut free, vegan cream you can make at home!

Hemp cream might seem like a simple recipe to post, but you have no idea how many things you can do with it…..


What Can I DO WITH IT?


Often when I am shopping, I search with hope for a vegan cheese or cream option that is also almond or cashew free. In vain, I search and I wish that I could still make some of my favourite recipes that had sour cream or cream sauce in them.

Sound familiar?

Raw food folks whip up cashew creams and make some amazing vegan dishes with them. I’ve made cashew sour cream for my family before but I couldn’t have any. 

Solution, hemp. Hemp hearts have a distinct flavour so keep in mind this sauce recipe, which is simple, might not go with everything. However, the flavour is easily overpowered by other things so if you are pairing your hemp cream with Mexican food, I think its a win. 

We were surprised how well the earthiness of hemp paired with buckwheat pancakes. 

It was lovely in the Lemon Dill Sauce, we just need to adjust how to cook it so it looks better in photos. The taste was outstanding! Silky, smooth, no hint of hemp, creamy and perfect with lemon.

We did a quick collaboration with our sister blog site They made the 7 layer dip recipe and we provided the hemp sour cream. This was a good deal for us, lots less work and the dip was remarkable! I had forgotten how much I like 7 layer dip and how much I miss this simple dish. They made a video for the dip.

Show me the Video

gluten free vegan pancakes
Pancakes with unsweetened hemp cream and homemade strawberry, cinnamon jam

salmon in lemon dill hemp cream

Lemon Dill Hemp Cream Sauce

hemp sour cream
     7 Layer Dip made with Hemp Sour Cream

vegan cream of cheddar broccoli soup

Cream of Cheddar Broccoli Soup


I’m convinced; how do I make it?

The recipe is simple.

  • Soak your hemp hearts in enough water to cover them (they expand when soaked), maybe more depending on use. At least 30 min – not more than 4 hours without refrigeration.
  • Blend in a high power blender until smooth.
  • Add flavours see notes below
  • Hemp cream freezes and thaws well.
hemp cream
Soaking Hemp Hearts


Alterations based on use:

If you want it thicker, use less water. Also add xanthan gum. You will need enough water to blend so at least 1-2 oz. above the hemp hearts

You can add aquafaba (chickpea water) to it to smooth out the flavour and add a little thicker texture.

If you want it sweetened, add your favourite sweetener to it, again reducing the water. I used coconut sugar.


Sour cream is simple if you add apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, white balsamic vinegar OR white wine vinegar. Actually your favourite acid will work, and vary the flavour you end up with. I wanted my sour cream thick for the 7 layer dip so, I added 1 tsp xanthan gum. I added salt and pepper to taste

We recently made broccoli cheddar soup with hemp cream. For this one I made some alterations, they are in the broccoli cheddar soup post. We used half for the soup. Saved the other half for a Rose sauce we made with gnocchi.



nut free vegan hemp cream
Blending up Hemp Cream

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