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Gluten free, egg free sheet pasta

Gluten free, egg free sheet pasta

Gf, egg free Sheet Pasta

We made lasagna, with gluten free, egg free sheet pasta! It cooked in the lasagna, so no need to pre-cook. It’s simple to make, rolled up like a dream and the texture was smooth and soft. The taste was just what you’d expect out of a good sheet pasta, soft, savoury and having soaked up all the flavourful liquid in the lasagna, so delicious.

Lasagna should be easy, combine the ingredients in layers and bake, that is exactly this recipe. We made our gluten free, egg free sheet pasta, simple, easy to prepare and nice to work with. We used our

gluten free bread flour blend

and two other flours to get the consistency perfect and it you’ll be thrilled with how well it works.

We layered the lasagna up with Cookin’ It Easy’s marinara sauce, frozen baby spinach (my fridge has gone bonkers and is freezing things) and hemp ricotta cheese. All of these items you can make (except the spinach) while you make the gluten free, egg free pasta sheets!

The cheese, is made like a sauce, in the blender and then as the pasta sheets bake, the extra liquid is absorbed into the pasta and it looks like ricotta when cooked. All the liquid from this and the awesome roast garlic marinara sauce imparts its flavour into the pasta sheets, which is what makes this dish taste so good.

I dreamed about making this gluten free, egg free sheet pasta. I dreamed about what to do. The most important part is to whip the oil and aquafaba together until it is light and frothy. Then, gently fork it into the flour and salt mix, once the dough gets crumbly switch to gently forming the ball by hand. This allows the gluten free, egg free sheet pasta to stay light and not become tough and hard. I rolled the sheet pasta gently, I used flour to keep each sheet from sticking and I flipped the sheets over as I rolled them to prevent sticking to my mat. I rolled the dough out fairly thin and they swelled in size to about ⅛” when cooked. It was perfect.

gluten free, egg free pasta sheets

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