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Ginger & Lemon Juice Shots

Ginger & Lemon Juice Shots

Ginger & Lemon Immune Boosting Juice Shots

Use ginger & lemon juice shots when you are feeling an illness coming on as a way to give your body a juice and health boost to fight those bugs! A juice shot is a small portion of strong juice to give your body a few ingredients it doesn’t always get in our usual diets. Ginger, lemon, honey and turmeric are not everyday items and we are putting them together to help our immune systems be strong.

Take this juice while you are feeling ill, will help to reduce symptoms, even temporarily – what a welcome break that is! 

I have only started posting my juice recipes. Last post was Kale, Lemon & Fennel Green Juice. My inspiration for this one came from a juice company that makes a version of these. We drink these at the office, whenever anyone was feeling like an illness was coming on. We have always found them hard to find at the store. Having a chance to make them at home is smarter, since the ingredients are easy to come by. Ginger & lemon immune system boosting juice at your finger tips. I have to admit that the freshly juiced versions of these are better than the bottled version.

Ginger & Lemon Juice Shots

Ginger & lemon juice is strong. We drink it in ¼ cup – 60 ml – 2 fl. oz. shots. This is two large sips or several small if you can’t tolerate the heat from the ginger & turmeric and tang of the lemon. This why we add the honey and water mixture. We don’t add too much but making the drink palatable is essential, since what benefits can you get if you can’t swallow the drink. If you can’t/won’t use honey, then use agave syrup or rice syrup to help wash it down. I am a firm believer in the benefits of honey, it helps soothe a sore throat, it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. We have a local bee aviary just behind where we live. These are the bees that have been pollenating my garden and using their honey can only help.

We added turmeric to this juice. It’s a small amount since this root packs a punch. A little will go a long way. Turmeric is well known to help with inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of so many chronic illnesses. Many of which is the body’s immune system fighting itself instead of fighting real bugs and bacteria. Adding turmeric to this juice just makes sense, let’s give our body the boost it needs to fight those bugs. 


Benefits of ginger juice

  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • has anti-oxidant properties
  • has anti-bacterial properties (promotes good mouth health)
  • calms nausea

Benefits of lemon juice

  • source of vitamin C
  • freshens breath
  • aids digestion
  • improves iron absorption from plant foods

Ginger & Lemon Immune Boosting Juice Shots

Prep Time15 mins
Keyword: ginger, honey, lemon, turmeric
Servings: 3 2 oz. shots


  • juicer
  • Jar with lid to mix the juice and honey water in


  • 1 lemon
  • 3 ginger pieces (thumb sized)
  • 1 turmeric piece (pinky sized)
  • 2 tbsp raw local honey, melted in
  • 2 tbsp hot distilled water


  • Juice tumeric, then ginger, then lemon.
    Ginger & Lemon Juice Shots
  • Mix hot water and honey in a 1 cup jar ( ½ pint)
    Add juice to jar and shake to combine
  • Serve in small glasses as soon as possible.
    Will also keep in fridge but you get more nutrients from the juice when its fresh.


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