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Cherry Cardamom Summer Sparkler

Cherry Cardamom Summer Sparkler

Cherry Cardamom Sparkler

cherry cardamam sparkler

A cherry sparkler is the first of our count down to summer. Simple summer drinks are a treat on hot days. A little something thirst quenching and tasty but not too sweet. Sparkling water is great way to sneak more water into your diet when you enjoy carbonated beverages, without adding all the sugar or caffeine.

What says summer more than cherries! When it gets hot that’s when we know that cherries are ready. 

I love cardamom, it’s a spice that is under used in North American cooking, but it can tend to be so powerful that we don’t know where to add it without it becoming the whole flavour for the dish.

Luckily, cherry is so strong and sweet that is can carry the heavy spices along for the ride. When testing this drink, we also tried cinnamon and it was also very nice. So if you don’t have cardamom handy, use cinnamon!

We started with a little frozen sweet cherry, add a bit of coconut milk, some cardamom, water and blend thoroughly. Pour that in the bottom of a glass and add sparkling water. We flavoured ours with cherry, just to bring a little extra to the glass. You can add ice cubes after. Slushy drinks and coconut milk tend to curdle when you add soda water.

This recipe made three glasses:

  • 10 frozen cherries
  • ¾ tsp cardamom
  • 3 Tbsp coconut milk, this was thick so we added
  • 1 Tbsp water

Blend smooth, add 2 oz. to the bottom of a glass and 6 oz. of plain or cherry flavoured sparkling water. It helps to tilt the glass to the side like you were pouring beer.


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