Lots of time is spent being perfect.

Let’s celebrate some failures….mine in particular

Top photo is the first attempt at gluten-free, egg-free pasta, tagliatelle to be specific. The noodles broke apart after cooking.

The taste was amazing though so we will keep developing it.

It’s a darn pretty photo too!

fails page

Apple pie. Ongoing to perfect since COVID lockdown began. I have finally got the crust to stay together. Now, my issue is the apples are cooking enough or setting, tastes great, but we eat it with a spoon. Goo thing my family likes apple pie soup….


fails page

I am developing a summer drinks series. My drinks keep curdling when I add the coconut milk. The flavour is great but the texture is weird….working on perfecting the technique.

But this photo is pretty!


Usually the flavours in my recipes are spot on, its texture and behaviour that needs to adapt to mimic the gluten or dairy or egg versions of the recipe.

I thank my forgiving family for their willingness to never let food go to waste and eat whatever I make anyways.

They also provide excellent feedback on whether something is good enough or not!

First attempt at gluten free, dairy free cannoli. The recipe came from Sicily on our trip in 2018. We will try this one again soon….

Plus the photo is awful!

The sushi was great! It was soy-free, egg-free. When we figure out our gluten free tempura recipe it will be gluten free too.

But this photo is terrible!


We all need to fail!

I also encourage you to play with you baking. Make mistakes, fail, learn, get up and try again. I try stuff and fail all the time. I am always correcting my recipes and trying to find a way to make them better, the best way to learn your ingredients and how they behave is to play.